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“Das Product Owner Coaching mit Sarah hat unserem Start-up wertvolle Impulse gegeben, die uns den Weg in das Agile Arbeiten geebnet haben. Wir haben sowohl Sarah's wertschätzende und offene Kommunikation von der Auftragsklärung über die Umsetzung und die Nachbesprechung schätzen gelernt als auch ihren verständnisvollen Blick für die Realität und die Rahmenbedingungen in einem Start-up. Dadurch haben wir passende Lösungsansätze entwickeln und integrieren können. Sehr gerne empfehlen wir die Zusammenarbeit mit Sarah.”

Anke Mayfarth, Managing Director

& Co-Founder, tediro GmbH


“With Agilibo we are working on a digital solution to assist Agile Transformation. Sarah supports our team professionally with full commitment and is creative. She has a go-getter attitude. Her deep knowledge on human psychology combined with training skills is an amazing combination. I am happy to have Sarah as our Business Partner and I can count on her.”


Ziad Iqbal, CEO Archibo,

Initiator of Agilibo SaaS

"Together with Sarah, we have developed a measurement tool with which we regularly evaluate our leadership skills and the well-being of our teams. This has been individually adapted to our goals and our leadership mission statement. We greatly appreciate her commitment to taking the entire organization on the journey and encouraging us as leaders to lead by example. With her help, we have developed measures that have enabled us to achieve sustainable effects. I can highly recommend working with her."     

Jochen Müller, COO, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH

“Right from the start, Sarah created an incredibly warm and appreciative atmosphere in our team building workshop. She really understood what it means to serve us as customers. Having had communicated extensively with our operations in the weeks leading up to the workshop, she had aptly pinpointed our needs and adapted the two days accordingly.“ 

Yunus Berndt, &Arise


"Sarah is a very passionate personality, always focused on delivering excellent results. With her help, we have changed the ways of working in our team to agile principles. That helped us to put the customer’s needs more into our focus and to create results, which are appreciated by stakeholders and customers. We enjoyed the discussions with Sarah because she is a valuable sparring partner with great understanding what is needed now and in the long run."        
Sibylle Brock, Head of People Development 
Home divisions, Vorwerk International Co KmG


"Working with Sarah was always a great pleasure. She has supported us in the development and implementation of our young talent program, and inspired us with her creative and results-oriented approach and her unfailing motivation and drive. She is very dedicated to her work, a very authentic personality and has great communication skills.“
Peter Schwanhäußer, Head Of Human Resources at RehaClinic-Gruppe

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